Name xa60

The XA-60-Ex is an Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle that is developed under extreme secrecy by the U.S. Air Force.


It is a fixed-wing multi-purpose aircraft powered by scram-jet engines, giving it the ability to fly from subsonic to hyper-sonic speeds. It has long range and high maneuverability with its compact design resulting in a stealthy aircraft, making it impossible to be tracked down by radar or intercepted by other aircraft. It is armed with missiles that can be used in the air-to-ground role, air-to-ship role, and against fortifications. The control for the XA-60-Ex is separate from the main system and cannot be accessed via hacking.

Despite these advantages, these UCAVs has high instability in terms of its "Smart Controls" (the ability of complete autonomy once the order to start the mission has been given).


Each UCAV destroyed rewards the player 10,000 points as a destruction bonus.

In-Game Appearance

In Time Crisis 4, the Hamlin Battalion attacked the Colorado Air Force Base where the XA-60-Ex UCAVs are stored. After using Terror Bites to overcome the base's defense system, these UCAVs are launched with the intention of destroying every major city in the United States. After the V.S.S.E. agents, Captain William Rush and the National Guard soldiers stormed the base and defeated the Hamlin Battalion soldiers and Gregory Barrows, the V.S.S.E. agents pressed a big red button on the control computers which sends the "Ceasefire" order (self-destructs all nuclear missiles that the UCAVs have already launched and signals the UCAVs to return to base).


Japanese version English version Remarks
この基地の地下には、軍が試験中の最新鋭無人爆撃機がある 高度なステルス性を持って兵器だ巡航核ミサイルを搭載している 奴らの狙いはそれだ UCAV prototypes are being stored beneath this base. They're state-of-the-art stealth bombers loaded with nuclear cruise missiles. That's what they're after. XA-60-Ex UCAVs' payload being the reason why the Hamlin Battalion takes over the Colorado Air Force Base
(ベス: 無人爆撃機の発進を目視で確認!!)(ラッシュ: くそ!!遂に始まったか)(ベス: ステルス機なのでレーダーによる追跡は不可能です!!) (Beth: I have visual confirmation of the UCAVs!) (Rush: They've started.) (Beth: They're impossible to track by radar because of their stealth technology!) When the XA-60-Ex UCAVs are launched from the Colorado Air Force Base
(ラッシュ: くそっ!!爆撃機を止めないと!! ベス、止められないのか?)(ベス: 独立したシステムで制御されています!アクセスできません!!) (Rush: We've got to stop the UCAVs! Beth, can't you stop it?) (Beth: They're controlled by a separate system! I can't access them!) Evidence of how the UCAVs' are controlled


Music Theme

Time Crisis 4 Music - Chapter 11-2 - FPS

Time Crisis 4 Music - Chapter 11-2 - FPS

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