The Zagorias Federation Army (ザゴリアス連邦軍 Zagoriasu-Renpougun?) or ZFA is a fictional army in Time Crisis 3 that invaded and occupied 80% of Astigos Island. The army is led by General Giorgio Zott. They are a well-equipped army with good equipment.


Giorgio Zott

Status: Deceased

The commander-in-chief of the Zagorias Federation Army, Zott sends out his army to invade Astigos Island and deployed tactical missiles on said island for the purpose for launching them at Lukano. When the V.S.S.E. agents arrived at the missile base, he launches the missiles before engaging in a fight against them. He is killed by the two V.S.S.E. agents who prevented the missiles from leaving the base.

Randy Garrett

Status: Deceased

A member of the Zagorias Federation Army, Randy is first seen on a bridge where he deploys clawmen to ambush a train which the V.S.S.E. agents and Alicia Winston are on. When the train eventually stops at the bridge, he engages the V.S.S.E. agents in a fight. Despite his weapons and clawmen, Randy is shot off the container he was standing on, causing him to fall to his death.

Victor Zahn

Status: Deceased

A member of the Zagorias Federation Army, Zahn is first seen inside a VTOL plane and drops bombs at a wrecked ship which the V.S.S.E. agents are in. Just as they are about to get out, Zahn ambushes them but Alicia Winston saves them by allowing the two V.S.S.E. agents to jump into her jeep just as he launches rockets at them. After all of the weapons on the plane are destroyed, Zahn engages the V.S.S.E. agents and Alicia Winston in a fight. Despite his weapons, Zahn is defeated who then drops the grenades he is using in the plane, blowing it up and ultimately killing himself.

Types of Infantry

The ZFA has different classes of soldiers.

  • "Normal" class: Soldiers dressed in light green fatigues. There are a few varieties of these soldiers: some have gas masks, others seem to have night vision goggles on, variants have masks and others don't, some of them wear just goggles with no mask and no gas mask so that their spiky brown hair are visible, etc. In cutscenes, these soldiers are shown to use FN P90s but in game they use only M1911/Beretta M92 hybrid handguns. The rate of of these soldiers hitting you is very low.
  • "Armorer" class: Soldiers dressed in white and yellow fatigues. They also use M1911/Beretta M92 hybrid handguns in game and generally have low accuracy like the normal-class soldiers while some do not participate in fights like the ones in the previous game. Shooting them (and then following up with up to 2 more shots for extra points as with all enemy types) yields you ammunition for your machine gun, shotgun, and grenade. E.g. you land one shot (enough to kill), and you get rewarded with ammunition for your machine gun. However, if you land three shots (one is still sufficient to kill soldiers of this class), you may yield three times the regular reward of ammunition. Rewards are not limited to a single ammunition type (in example, you may garner two machine gun rewards and one shotgun rewards if you land three shots). Ammo for the machine gun, shotgun, and grenade dropped by this soldier class are not shared in a two-player game in the Arcade Mode. The obtained ammunition are varied, such as:
    • Machine Gun: 30, 20 and 10 rounds respectively. If player got 3 machine gun the ammo gained is capped to 60 rounds
    • Shotgun: 4, 2, 1 shells respectively. If player got 3 shotgun the ammo gained is capped to 7 shells
    • Grenade: 1 round per hit
  • "Sharpshooter" class: Soldiers dressed in red fatigues. Despite having no armor, they are dangerous because they have the highest kill shot ratio. Most of the time, their first shot is marked as lethal in the game. Prioritizing these soldiers as targets is a must. In a few cutscenes, they are shown as armed with FN P90s, but in game they use M1911/Beretta M92 hybrid handguns.
  • "Armored" class: Soldiers dressed in orange fatigues and are seen with full face mask and night vision goggles. They are the first armored enemy in the game. About 5 shots from the handgun are enough to kill them, the final shot registers as 2 hits (the first hit is worth 100 points and the second hit is dependent on the chase shot). They use FN P90s in cutscenes and in the game.
  • "Acrobat" class: Soldiers dressed in blue and oily gray fatigues. They are a special operations class of soldiers. They literally have the ability to jump up to thirty feet (approximately) in the game while doing various acrobatic maneuvers such as cartwheels. Their only weapon is double wolverine-style melee blades attached to their wrists. They are also armored, requiring 3 shots to kill with the handgun and the final shot registers as 2 hits (the first hit is worth 100 points and the second hit is dependent on the chase shot). They also have the ability to cling to most surfaces like spiders; this is most prominent in the train level on the bridge segment.
    • The ones guarding Randy Garrett are similar to the standard "Acrobat" class soldiers in terms of ability but are dressed in yellow and brown fatigues. They are more resistant to damage, requiring 10 shots to kill with the handgun.
  • "Specialist" class: Soldiers dressed in blue fatigues. There are several categories of these soldiers:
    • "Throwers": Soldiers that wield either tomahawks or M26 grenades. They are not armored and the thrown projectiles can be shot down.
    • "Flamers": Soldiers that wield M2 flamethrowers. They are armored, requiring 3 shots to kill with the handgun.
    • "Missile Men": Soldiers that wield Carl Gustav M2 rocket launchers. They are not armored. However, the rockets they fire cannot be shot down.
    • "Pole Men": Soldiers that wield steel poles as melee attacks. They are not armored and only appear in Crisis Mission Day 5 Extra Mission for a total of three units.
  • "Sniper" class: Soldiers dressed in white and red fatigues. They are exclusive enemies in the rescue mission mode and are equipped with Accuracy International Precision Marksman rifles for long-range attacks. They have higher accuracy than "normal" class soldiers and are sometimes hard to spot especially in wooded areas. They appear in Stages 2, 6 and 9.

Occasionally, "normal", "armorer" and "sharpshooter" class soldiers will use riot shields that cannot be penetrated.

Other Weapons

The ZFA has access to good transportation equipment:

  • Jeeps
  • Trucks resembling the Studebaker US6 in the rescue mission mode
  • In the rescue mission mode, the ZFA uses dirt bikes.
  • Twin rotor planes similar to the Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey are present (one is used in the arcade mode and two are used in the rescue mission mode), they are armed with a General Dynamics GAU-22/A Gatling cannon in front, triple heavy machine guns on the sides, and a few rocket pods attached on the wings.
  • They have tanks resembling the Ariete which are also fitted with missile launchers on the turret sides. The one in rescue mission mode (Stage 5) is fitted with explosive reactive armor, giving it greater protection. In addition, "Armored" class soldiers will appear from the loader's hatch in the arcade mode while "Sharpshooter" class soldiers will appear from the loader's hatch in the rescue mission mode.
  • They have several mini-subs which have Gatling guns attached to their con towers and are also equipped with missile launchers. They are used in the river segment of the arcade mode (Stage 2 Area 2).
  • They have a train which is armed with an anti-armor cannon, a pair of rocket pods, and three five-barreled Gatling cannons. It only appears in the train fight of the rescue mission mode (Stage 8).
  • They appear to have access to high-tech electricity/energy output vehicles in the final boss battle. There are three of these armored vehicles which are wheeled and appear to have some sort of large resonance dish on top of them. This dish fires electricity at targets but requires time to charge it.
  • They also use a large anti-ship and/or anti-air weapon cannon which is situated on top of a bunker on a landing beach. This is presumed to be part of Astigos' defense grid.


It is evidenced that they have a paramilitary type rank structure, as each boss seems to have their favorite type of class of soldier which they command.

The ZFA has nuclear capability seeing as they deployed four tactical missiles at Astigos (it is unknown whether or not each missile had one warhead or multiple warheads). The deployment of these missiles threatened neighboring countries and so, the V.S.S.E. was dispatched to neutralize the threat.


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